Monday, December 10, 2018

Going the extra mile for that extra smile for my son

The most beautiful thing in the world is a child’s smile. The next best thing? Knowing that you are the reason behind it.

November 2,2002. It was my son's 1st birthday, it is a very important part and very happy part for any parent. Thing is, his father's wasn't there. No, he is not an OFW working in a far away land. He's working here in the country. It's just that he chose to womanize, and even lived in the house of his woman. Yes, my son's father was a no-show. That broke my heart into a million pieces (probably more). I did not let that stop me. With or without him, I am going to give my son the best birthday ever! And wow, did that happen. We celebrated, we went on, and I know that my son was very happy that day. I'm sure. He knows all about it. :) 

As expected, I became a single parent. I was working at a telco during that time, and thankful that I can make ends meet. Thanks also to my mom, cause she took care of Raine (my son) during those trying times. My mom lives in Leyte, I worked in Cavite. I'm sure you can imagine the long distance we all had, all I can do is call them, listen to their voice, and hearing them, hearing my son, gave me the strength to overcome my sadness of being alone, it gave me strength to work harder, during long mall hours, to give my son what he deserves, a happy life.

*Photos straight from my mom's album in Leyte 😍 

And so came his 7th birthday, I told him I had to work and wasn't gonna see him. I won't forget the look on his face when I arrived at my mom's doorstep! I had me mailed via express delivery! I am just kidding of course (about the express delivery)! I had been planning to go to Leyte (scheming with my supermom, yeah) to surprise my baby boy. :) We prepared for his special day, decors, food to serve and all that, invitations, we were happy! Because we made that day together! 

The year was 2013. This can be a nightmare to anyone. A brain tumor struck me, meningioma. My life flashed before my eyes, the feeling you get when you know that death is knocking at your door. My kids, who will take care of them? What will happen to them when I'm gone??? I am forever grateful to our Lord for blessing us and extending my life (5 years now), and to all the people (friends and family and good samaritans) who went out of their way to help us in whatever way they can. 

My son Raine, is no longer a child, not yet a man. I was no longer working, at first I was joining contests from the radio, aiming to win prizes to help my family. I am not used to doing nothing. One thing led to another, and I was introduced to writing, (blogging if you may). That is how I managed to make another memorable moment for my son! His 16th birthday, we surprised him! All his friends were in on it, too! Of course my mom was there! Raine was not expecting because he understands the situation, but I refuse to just accept, not when I can do something! So every token I had (from events), every GC I had, I mustered, and all that "diskarte" worked out! I got to book Jollibee for my baby boy (yeah, baby boy). Let me show you how he looked like. Mabuti na lang pinalaki ka ni Mommy gamit ang Hapee Kiddie toothpaste iyan kasi ang sikat sa lugar nila. Ang ganda ng smile mo pati ng ngipin mo, Kuya 😁
Kuya, always share your smile to the world . It's a symbol of peace and friendship

Because of your smile you make life more beautiful, iba talaga ang batang laki sa Hapee... Maganda ang ngiti.

It was all surreal for him. He couldn't believe that it was really happening, his high school buddies were there, he was HAPEE, what more can I ask? Priceless.

* Too bad can't retrieve the original video on my YouTube channel that captured that precious smile of my son. We were all teary-eyed then...but good thing I had it uploaded (private) on Facebook. Thank you technology and smartphones 😍

I love my son’s smile! it makes me feel that I am loved and blessed with the best gift that I could ever ask!


  1. Such a nice read, reylen. Love how you really give your time and effort for your kids. He will treasure those birthday celebrations forever.

  2. Wow! Gagawin talaga ng isang ina ang lahat para lang maging masaya ang kanyang mga anak. 😍

  3. Yay!!! Proud single Mom here too!!! Nakakatuwa kapag single Mom ka then your multitasking yourself... relate much po ako kasi I also experienced to do everything mabigyan lang ng magandang surprise daughter ko... ying lahar ng effort and tranta moments ay all worth it kapag nakita mo na kung gaano sila kasaya... sobrang priceless nung kakaibang smile na bibigay nila

  4. So inspiring, Mommy Reylen!
    Moms do give an extra mile in everything that we do to my our children happy! That effort that you gave to your son will definitely put a memorable mark in his heart!

  5. Na amazed ako momshie, kasi your so tapang lahat kinaya mo lalo na ang pagiging single mom pero worth it lahat.. Kasi lumaking mabait anak mo ska sobrsobrang pogi oh

  6. Aww! I love seeing Kuya's smile. His joy can be really seen in all of the pictures. You are a wonderful mom.

  7. Awwww. Mother's love isn't comparable to anything in this world. You are a wonderful mom. ❤️

  8. Im right here, amazed as always. 😍 Your son grew up to be a handsome man oh. 😊

  9. nkkaproud tlga lahat ng single mom kc kinaya nio lahat 😍