Saturday, December 1, 2018

A legacy of living well with Asset Master

Imparting the legacy of a life well lived is almost every person’s aspiration. With this inmind, AXA Philippines, one of the country’s top insurance companies, organized recently apanel discussion to introduce its latest product and inspire its Filipino clients to think aboutcreating a legacy for the future, free from financial worries.

Asset Master is designed as a single-pay, investment-linked insurance plan that allows a person to build a diversified investment portfolio of local and global investments — a solid foundation on which to build a financial legacy.

AXA Philippines President and CEO Rahul Hora and chief customer officer Amor Balagtas

“Asset Master is your gateway to truly diverse global investments. We want you to leave a lasting legacy for your loved ones so they can continue to live well after you’re gone,” says Rahul Hora, AXA Philippines president and chief executive officer.

True to the affair’s theme, guest speakers were invited to talk about the importance of leaving   a   lasting   legacy.   Entrepreneur   Nico   Moreno   of   homegrown   watch   brand   Ibarra Watches,   third-generation   jewelry   designer   Janina   Dizon,   and   renowned   artist   and   glasssculptor Ramon Orlina — each highly successful in his/her field — shared their insights andpersonal experiences during the panel discussion. 

Ibarra Watches CEO Nico Moreno

A physicist by training, long-time watch aficionado Moreno thought of creating the first Filipino watch brand. “The scientist in me fell in love with the art of watchmaking,” Morenosays. “And, being a staunch nationalist and an admirer of Dr. Jose Rizal, I thought of the brand Ibarra (the main protagonist in one of Rizal’s famous novels, Noli Me Tangere).” 

Janina for Jul Dizon CEO Janina Dizon

Dizon comes from a family of well-known jewellers and designers. Jewelry making is in her DNA. “It runs in my blood. My grandmother was a jeweller, a trade she passed on to my mother so I’m the third generation now,” says Dizon. “My mom would let me sit next to her inher shop, let me interact with her clients. I would also sort stones and count diamonds.”

Renowned glass sculptor Ramon Orlina
Orlina is a licensed architect and practiced architecture before moving on to art.  “When there was a decline in my architectural practice in the ’70s, I began to pursue art, which hadalways interested me. I started with painting on glass because modern architecture is steel andglass,” he says.

For these accomplished individuals, living well means being happy with what you do, having peace of mind, and enjoying a fulfilling family life.

Moreno says, “A happy worker enjoys what he’s doing,” while Dizon thinks, “Living well is having the luxury of time as well as being secure in whatever the future will bring.” For hispart, Orlina says, "I’m pleased to have a happy married life, a wife who has been supportive, and kids who excel in their fields.” 

To ensure that their respective legacies are preserved for the future, Moreno has a 10-year plan for his business, while Dizon feels it is vital for her children to carry on her mother’s legacy, especially now that the firm has marked its 40th anniversary. Orlina, on the other hand, opened a museum in Tagaytay City to showcase his works and those of other sculptors.

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