Sunday, November 26, 2017

Hey Sugar! Now spreading organic sweetness at Trinoma + Review

I remember a friend way back in College , (his name is Edison) he used to tease me for having mabalahibo (hairy) legs. 😔 I got conscious, so I shaved. But shaving is really a not-so-good idea as the hair would grow back in no time -- thicker and bushier 😭 Edison and I are still friends, btw.

Today, I must admit, I really am into waxing for like 7-8 years already. And I'm lovin' it. Why? For grooming and hygienic reasons. While some women also say it enhances their sex life.  

I won't say that the first time isn't ouchy. It is!!! But I lived through it and get it done again and again and again. Good thing I have high tolerance for pain. Tiis ganda na lang! 😂 But after my operation (craniotomy) last December 2013, it took me 2 years to have it done again. I'm afraid that the operation will affect my pain tolerance but thankfully, it didn't. So, you dirty mind, I know what you are thinking! Of course, I have alternatives during those months that I wasn't able visit the salon. 😛 Toinks!

I was planning my visit again recently to Lay Bare (where I frequent) when I got an invite for the opening of Hey Sugar! Trinoma. Finally, a branch that uses all-natural, sugar waxing and talk-of-the-town waxing salon near my place. I was delighted about the invite. I went to the salon's opening last November 17.

It is located at the 1st level of Trinoma Mall, beside Mercury Drugstore entrance. But wasn't able to try their services as I was suddenly needed elsewhere

Recently, I got the chance/ free time/ me-time/ mama mode off time - whatever you want to call it. I braved the traffic just to get to Hey Sugar! Trinoma. I got their Package #3 which includes Underarm, Full leg (though I asked for half-leg only), and Brazilian. At first I was edgy when I learned that they'll use hot wax and strips, as I had a bad experience before (not with LB - because they only have cold wax) with a salon that hurt me so bad. But then the aesthetician assured me that hot wax is better than cold wax, etc..., so I gave in. I think that's one of my problems, I easily trust people. Hehe. It took us almost 1 1/2 hrs to get things done. 😁

Now, let me state some factors and let YOU be the judge of 2 waxing salons - Lay Bare and Hey Sugar! 

Hygiene and Cleanliness
I am a stickler for good hygiene and impeccable cleanliness when it comes to my personal zone. LayBare uses different wax in different areas, but sometimes the one they use on my UA will be use on my legs. (I guess this depends on the hair? well, I got less hair on those parts, maybe?). Hey Sugar! on the other hand uses strips in different areas but with same spatula. Both salons double- dipped? I guess so. No double- dipping please ✌ Cleanliness is essential in this industry. Not only does it keeps us (clients) safe, it keeps the techs and salon safe as well. 

 ðŸ“Mask- waxing technicians of LayBare  wear mask, Aestheticians of Hey Sugar! , don't. Healthwise, it would be beneficial to both the technician and the client if the waxing tech would wear a mask. 

📍   Gloves - for me, gloves are a must! Like hello, you'll be touching my privates. Hands are exposed to blood, body fluids, urine and feces. Think about what you touch and who before you may have touch the same spot. With LB they use new gloves (both hands) on each clients. While on HS, the tech used only 1 on her left hand and eventually took it off because as per her, other clients would ask her to take the gloves off because it's more painful when it touches the waxed area 🤔 well, not with me 😔. What can I do? We are in the middle of a Brazilian 😂 so, I just let her finish. In no time, it's done!

Facilities - Both salons have a room just for you, with LB it has a sliding door, while in HS, just a curtain. Privacy has to be on top of your list for your waxing experience. HS's salon is classy and cozy at the same time. I love the lemony smell of the salon. It's interior is eye-catching, too. 

Staff - both have professional and trained staff. But those in HS are friendlier, they will make you feel at home. 

The OUCH Factor
Both have the same level of ouchiness. I would suggest, if your pain tolerance is not as high as mine. Take mefenamic (pain reliever) 30 mins before you go to your waxing salon.

PRICE - LB is cheaper with minimal difference. Will update this article once I posted their updated rates. 

In conclusion, find a salon that connects with you, one that listens, and makes the service as comfortable as possible. Do not visit a salon that isn't clean and isn't informed. It's for your safety. 

So which waxing place should you go to when you're in need of getting the hair down there away?

Will be posting more about waxing (since I opened another window of myself to you), what to avoid before and after waxing, its benefits, tips, etc...

Happy Waxing! Remember, hair free is care free 😘

Any experience on other waxing salons? What are your thoughts on the two I mentioned? Did you have a different encounter?

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