Saturday, April 2, 2016

AIM to EDUCATE : A Social Advocacy campaign by Mark Embino

This project is on April 16, 2016 Saturday, 7am onwards at Pugad Lawin Covered Court Brgy. Fortune.

Aim to Educate is a Social Advocacy campaign creative and conceptualized by Mark Frias Embino former President of Rotaract Club Marikina Heights, Social Advocates community based projects, Film Enthusiast and Event Director. In partnership with LGBT Bus Organization and its President Regie Passion.

From 1984 to 2015, a total of 23,709 HIV positive cases and 1,149 deaths were reported. Department of Health (DOH) also reported 17 deaths among people with HIV in February 2015, 15 of which are men. Today, HIV is a “concentrated epidemic” – meaning, the Philippines has pockets of more than 5% of HIV prevalence. The prevalence rate among males who have sex with males (MSM) has dramatically increased since 2007, from 0.30% to 3.50% in 2013. This means 3.5 out of 100 MSM are infected with the virus.

**Source: RAPPLER, written by Jee Y. Geronimo | statistics from the statement Dr. Jose Gerard Belimac, program manager of DOH’s National HIV/STI Prevention Program made the statement in a presentation in an epidemiology workshop conducted by the DOH on Thursday, April 9.

The organizers aim to educate about this uncertain statistics of HIV victims in the country. We, the Filipino people have responsibility to strive this project to empower the campaign of our Government to speak for this kind of virus. More than that we aim to;

* To engage, inspire, innovate and advocate – in partnership with affected communities and government. Working towards the end of HIV through prevention measures and comprehensive care and treatment for all.

* To broaden the understanding that the same barriers that have fuelled the virus. And discrimination and repressive policies, attitudes and practices.

* And, Raise awareness that progress in responding to HIV big statistics infections

Furthermore, we will empower the campaign through new media. The advocacy campaign “Aim to Educate” will saturate the Twitter with official hashtag #Aim2Educate #HIVSocialCampaign using the MHHS-Alumni twitter account: @MHHSAlumni  one of the organizations partner under the leadership of Rechelle Ann Elon.

To access the social media like facebook and twitter the whole venue of Marikina Heights Gym will saturate by one of the leading telecommunications and internet provider in the country the PLDT.

Furthermore, this event has 3 segments

Morning – Seminars and FREE HIV testing

Afternoon – PRESS Conference with media partners

Evening – Coronation Night Beauty Pageant for a cause

Queen of the Heights beauty pageant for a cause aim to choose Social Advocacy Campaign ambassadress to work with the organizers to broaden the campaign.


March 12, 2016 – Queen of the Heights Screening at Concepcion Dos

March 19, 2016 – Official candidates photo shoot (VENUE: TBA)

April 02, 2016 – Talent Showdown at Concepcion Uno

April 16, 2016 – Grand Coronation Night

PRESS Conference with organizers and media partners


Major and Minor Awards shall be given on the following aspects for all Queen of the Heights Official Candidates:

Major Awards:

Ms. Queen of the Heights – Php 8,000 Cash, Crown, Sash, Bouquet, Trophy.

1ST Princess – Php 5,000 cash, Sash, Bouquet, Trophy Certificate. 2ND Princess – Php 3,000.00 cash, Sash, Bouquet, Certificate

Special Awards:

MOST NUMBER OF SOLD TICETS – 1,500 worth of Gift Certificate + Gift Packs from sponsor

MOST NUMBER OF VIEWS – 1,500 worth of Gift Certificate + Gift Packs from sponsor

Minor Awards:

Best in Evening Gown – Sash and Gift Certificate from the sponsor

Best in Talent – Sash and Gift Certificate from the sponsor

Best in Creative Costume (Festival of the Philippines Costume-Attire Competition) – Sash and Gift Certificate from the sponsor

Ms. Congeniality - Certificate

Best in Sports Wear – Certificate

Best in Casual Wear – Certificate

We are delightful to bring innovation in this social advocacy campaign! Please support this project for the Filipino people, LGBT Community and for those infected of the said virus.

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