Thursday, February 25, 2016

Life Yoga : Yoga. Swim. Dance! at The Palace Pool Club

Lately, been stressed out about my health condition. I need to see my Neurologist earlier than scheduled to know the real status. We're happy that the MRI result was okay, no recurrence of tumor. So, I asked my doctor if I can do pole dancing (haha. Yes! Pole is on my bucket list! ) but she said NO! She recommended yoga and running, instead. For now! Ü

Upon knowing Yoga is safe for me, I searched for Yoga studios in the metro. While googling, Ms. Patricia Prieto's tweet flashed on my screen (yes, I'm a follower or rather a "stalker" on both her Twitter and Instagram for a year now! hihi ) sayin' that she's throwing a Yoga giveaway! Without having second thoughts, I joined. Luckily, I was chosen as one of the 3 winners of a free pass for the Yoga Pool Party by LIFE Yoga Center. Yay! 

Last Saturday, February 20, LiFE Yoga Center hosted a #YogaPoolParty at The Palace Pool Club that started in the morning and extended into the late afternoon.

The #YogaPoolParty was hosted on the deck of the Palace Pool Club, where tables and chairs were cleared out to make way for multicolored yoga mats provided by Yogini Manila. Doors opened at 10:30am and guests slowly trickled in to settle into the mat of their choice, and explore the booths set up by partners Nuxe, FunFit & Yoga Rat.

The first lucky enthusiast
With tons of amazing prizes for the attending wellness enthusiasts, the party started on a high note with a giveaway from Yoga Rat – a much-needed yoga towel to soak up the sweat from a healthy workout on the mat.

Meet our pretty instructor - Ms. Mandy Del Rosario
After welcoming remarks were made, Moshe welcomed to the floor LiFE Yoga instructor Mandy Del Rosario to lead the poolside Vinyasa session to the beats of DJ Emel Rowe. Mandy is no stranger to leading classes with a fun, musical spin as she regularly teaches a LiFE Yoga Vinyasa class to her own Rock n’ Roll playlist every Saturday at the studio on Forbestown Road, BGC.

Dressed in moveable yoga gear and swimmies, the #YogaPoolParty attendees sweated it out to a flow focused on building core and arm strength through balances and inversions versatile for yoga-practitioners of any level.

downward facing dog

Upward facing dog

Surya namaskara B (warrior I)

Gretchen Fullido trying the crow pose (kakasana)

A yogi doing a headstand pose

DJ Emel set the pace with ambient music that kept spirits up and minds focused on the practice.

After a 75-minute practice, everyone enjoyed a short cool-down to complimentary fruits and ice-pops, and refreshing lemon-infused water.

While muscles were still warm after an energizing yoga session, attendees let loose with a cardio-dance workout led by NIA instructor Bea Tabuñar.
Martial arts (boxing)

The very energetic Nia instructor Ms. Bea Tabuñar

Cat walk / Ms. Universe dance moves

Yes! That's AJ Dee pulling off some sexy moooves ü

The program proper closed with amazing prizes being given away by plant-based French skincare brand Nuxe, and sports gear brand Yoga Rat.

We won! We won Nuxe products! Whoa!
Thanks to Globe Free Wifi in The Palace Pool Club I got to post in Instagram.

Guests were also treated to limited-time offer discounts to LiFE Yoga.

Teachers Moshe, Mandy and Bea were all decked out in Champion apparel for the duration of the event.

Attendees having fun by the pool

After all the blood-pumping activities, attendees chilled by the poolside and enjoyed special discounts on a curated healthy menu by Café Naya, with free pool access, showers, locker and towel rental care of The Palace Pool Club.

If you missed out on the fun, don’t fret! #YogaPoolParty will be back and in full gear in April, just in time for the summer. Keep posted on and for announcements on upcoming promos and events.

Another Saturday well-spent! Let us continue to celebrate LIFE and live life to the fullest!


*** Photos courtesy of Life Yoga Center 

LiFE Yoga Center is located at Eight Forbestown Road, Burgos Circle, BGC, Taguig City
You may contact them at • (02) 856 7500 (0927) 692 1199


Have you tried yoga? What is your favorite pose? Let me know your thoughts about this post. üüü


  1. great exercise..wish to have yoga here in cavite,too!

  2. I've always wanted to try yoga. Seeing these pictures just made me want to go one! Haha. There are a lot of yoga spots here in Cebu, and one which I specifically know is conducted on a long stretch of a pool. How amazing is that?! Can't wait to try it myself soon, really. :)

    Mimi | Chasing Bleu

  3. Wow, this is awesome! Haven't tried Yoga, but I've has kick boxing before and it feels amazing! :D Thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. I have never tried YOga before and I don't think I am flexible enough to do such intense post.. but I find it really fascinating and maybe I should give it a try someday!

  5. Congratulations on winning Tessa's giveaway, had I known about it I would have joined too. I tried yoga a year ago and I really liked it. I just wasn't able to continue it when I enrolled in a gym. Anyway, it looks like a fun event, I would love to join a yoga party also. And I want to be able to do the crow pose, I can't do that as of now haha...

  6. nice event,.,i tried doing yoga before. its actually quite nice.

  7. I really want to try yoga. I've been reading some articles suggesting that it can be helpful for those with scoliosis. I've got an S-curve and knowing that I already have a 30 degrees angle is causing me anxiety.

  8. That looks fun! Never tried yoga actually but I have a hidden desire in dancing. Haha

  9. I also want to learn how to pole dance. Hehe But then I have mild scoliosis so I think it wouldn't be a great idea. Please continue updating us about your yoga sessions and your health. I hope everything is okay and will be okay. ;)

    By the way, check @nude_yogagirl on IG. :)

  10. I wish I was there with you!! Huhuhu :) Hopefully getting my exercise game on soon!!!!

  11. Have tried yoga for a month and I always feel tired afterwards haha. Maybe because my body waa not flexible enough to do some poses haha:) I'm glad to know that you're doing okay:)

  12. I have tried yoga for a month and I feel tired! Maybe my body was not flexible enough to do some pose. Haha. I'm glad that ypu're doing okay:)

  13. It's crazy, I've been wanting to try yoga for a very long time now as well! I have been having recurring back pains, and doctors here in Norway are not really into prescribing medicines. So my doctor suggested I try the gym. haha No way. I hated PE and my physique is not really in terrible condition, so I am having second thoughts about going to the expensive gym in Norway. SO I thought of resorting to yoga. YOu seemed to have a very good experience! Would you consider doing it for a long time? Thanks for sharing :)

  14. I'd love to join yoga sessions like that but I'm ashamed of my flabby tummy :-(

  15. I always hear about yoga but I neer had the time to do it. This remind me even more that I should allot a schedule for it.

  16. I need to start doing yoga asap. Like I've been saying that I will do it and i'm still saying. This post has definitely inspired me to do it. :)

  17. I need to start doing yoga asap. Like I've been saying that I will do it and i'm still saying. This post has definitely inspired me to do it. :)

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