Friday, October 30, 2015

Ready...Set... Show - Mavs Talent Management "Away Bata" Back to back concert of Gwyneth Dorado

Last October 10th 2015, Mavs Talent Management held a mini-stage play entitled "Away Bata" , as a recital piece of their acting workshop which concluded last May 2015. Back to back with a mini concert of Gwyneth Dorado , one of Mavs Prime Talent, who also brought pride to us Filipinos when she was chosen as one of the finalist of Asia's got Talent.

The mini-stage play is entertaining and timely for what's really happening in our daily lives. The dialogue, acting and stagecraft too are very good. But the characters of Ige and Gelo, I love the most. They are like pros in their acting.

Here are some of the photos from the said mini stage play.

I truly admire this petite girl with her superior singing skill. Thankful for the organizers and producers for the invite, got the chance to be with her and watched her perform live.

Here is a snippet of Gwyneth Dorado's performance.

Not only that the talents are good in acting but in singing and dancing as well.

"Away Bata"

Written by: Arien Santos

Sound Engineer: Yordi Cui

Lighting Director: Tony Esteban

Production Design: Julie Anuddin

Directed by: Mavic Lao


* Peggy Rico - as Ige

* Jessa Padilla - as Ita

* Christin Nabata - as Jirei

* Nico Wagas - as Raprap

* Geramay Sanders - as Gera

* Angel Villaflores - as Angeline

* Alexa Nofuente - as Alexa

* Joshua Nubla - as Joshua

* Gelo Villaflores - as Gelo

I think I found the right place where to enroll my kids on summer. May it be voice, dance or acting workshop, Mavs is a must try. Who knows, my kid(s) and yours too, might be the next Gwyneth Dorado.
For inquiries contact:
Call : 02-9047327
FB Account: Mavs Talents

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