Saturday, May 2, 2015

Zalora Epic Night Out - (My First Time in Forever)

When was the last time  you did something for the first time?

Last April 24, was my first time to go to a night club! Would you believe that? Heck yes! ~hehe ~Very late bloomer. Not that my parents were strict then, let's just say I'm into different activities during my teenage years. I'm not a reveller. For me clubs are messy, noisy and sticky.

Since that was my first time to go into that kind of place I have to be keen. When I set foot into House Manila, I was assisted by a pretty and well-dressed receptionist, she stamped my wrist with their thingy to mark me as their guest. I asked her to re-stamp since I don't see anything. I'm afraid the bouncer (guard) won't let me in. She just smiled at me and said it's okay their stamp is inconspicuous. ooohhh...haha! Silly me!

Another receptionist accompanied me to the lift. On our way down , the place became enigmatic since it is located in the basement of Remington Hotel.

I was greeted by their courteous bouncer. When I stepped into the club (yes! This is it!) I was like W-O-W!!! I was in awe. The place is stunning, I should say. 
Glancing and glittering lights

The place changed my concept of a club. It was very welcoming and pleasing. The lights were gleaming. The music was not ear-drum wrecking.  DJ Alice Rose of HED KANDI was the DJ that night. With a unique blend of stomping four-to-the-floor rhythm, lighter tones of soulful vocals. The people danced the night away. But wait! There's more!!! Unli rum cola that night! Too sad I don't drink. :(  But still the whole experience was awesome!

That's why I will be forever grateful to Ms. Aisa Ipac (@paxieness) for this rare experience. I won in her Instagram #ZaloraEpicNightOut contest. 
The very bubbly and pretty Ms. Aisa Ipac (@paxieness)
The eminently gorgeous and sexy Ms. Nikita Conwi ( @ nikitaconwi) | @RX931 DJ
I can't believe that I got to meet and greet some of the Ravishing  Renowed Online Bloggers such as (in their Instagram name) anagon, artsyava, tricenagusara, sephcham, michaelmacalos and paultheprguy . You may follow them. They got nice feeds and blogs.
L-R sephcham, tricenagusara, paxieness, Me, anagon, artsyava
2 gents sitting L-R michaelmacalos and paultheprguy

Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely - Auguste Rodin

Remington Hotel, Newport City, Pasay
For table reservations and guestlist you may call
(DAY) + (63) 915 965-7716 , (NIGHT) +(63) 916 638-7666
OR +(63) 927 951-6092 look for Mr. Aaron Laureles

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