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Breville Philippines and CCA Manila Converge on Honing Culinary Skills and Furthering Third Wave Coffee Culture

Breville Philippines and CCA Manila promote kitchen innovation through organized culinary workshops. In the photo: Chef Philip Golding, Culinary Director of CCA and the Chef Brand Ambassador of Breville Philippines; Ma. Cristina S. Llamo, President of IAJ Wellness Corporation with Breville Philippines Resident Corporate Chef, Brand and Marketing and Food and Beverage Business Unit team led by Haj Flores, and Breville Ph Official partner agency Catalytx Advertising, Inc.

Two culinary icons, Breville Philippines and Center for Culinary Arts Manila, converged in one event which both are remarkable advocates of--- hot kitchen and beverage crafting workshops that further the skills of culinary enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The two companies’ dynamic partnership continues to flourish as they further the culture of Third Wave Coffee. Just recently, Breville Philippines conducted hot kitchen and espresso coffee beverage crafting workshops at the CCA campus located at the University of the Philippines, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Chef Philip Golding, Culinary Director of CCA and the Culinary Advisor of Breville Philippines, and Cris Llamo, President of IAJ Wellness Corporation, the exclusive authorized distributor of Breville Philippines, spearheaded the whole-day workshops.

This Breville and CCA initiative included Chef Chad Datu, Breville Philippines resident corporate chef who was mentored by Chef Philip Golding since 2015 and was organized by the Product & Marketing team led by Haj Flores.

Breville Philippines Resident Corporate Chef Chad Datu exhibits culinary mastery during the hot-kitchen workshop while using the Breville Smart Oven™ Air Fryer and Breville Fresh & Furious®.

A total of thirteen stations were set up for the eager attendees, who were grouped into two per station. In the morning sessions, Chef Chad showcased his expertise during the hot-kitchen workshops. The coffee-crafting lessons, meanwhile, were conducted in the afternoon.

Ma. Cristina S. Llamo, President of IAJ Wellness Corporation with Breville Philippines

“We would also like to emphasize the importance of product knowledge and experience in Sales especially in customer experience – as the presence of a knowledgeable sales representative is a factor that enhances the process of the consumer’s appreciation of the products,” says Cris Llamo.

“As stated in our company profile, Breville is the kitchen appliance brand that delivers innovation based on consumer insights, empowering people’s potential to do things more impressively or easily than they’d thought possible in their own kitchen,” explains Haj Flores.

“These workshops will be strengthened and even reinforced throughout the year as it is one of Breville Philippines’ core business practices. We are moving forward in campaigning for Filipinos to ‘Bring Breville Home,” Flores added.

“Bring Breville Home” is a call to action for both Breville and the aspiring consumers.

Coffee and Hot-Kitchen Workshops were organized by Breville Philippines' Brand & Marketing and Food & Beverage Business Unit led by Haj Flores (left), together with Chef Chad Datu, Breville Philippines Resident Corporate Chef (right).

“There are two kinds of homes-- the home you get and the home you find. In a lot of ways, we have already established ourselves in the former while we dream and work for the future when Breville is already a common and expected sight in more family kitchens and office pantries all over the country,” Flores concluded.

Breville Philippines Chef Chad and Haj Flores with the brand's official partners - Catalytx Advertising, Inc. Marketing and Cat PR.

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