Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Aji-Ginisa, Marian Rivera, and Zia lead the I Love Veggie-licious Movement to usher in the New Era of Cooking

At the Aji-Ginisa® Welcome to a New Veggie-licious Era, held recently at The Blue Leaf McKinley Hill in Taguig, Aji-Ginisa prepared a day of health and fun for kids and their parents. The event marked the official launch of the I Love Veggie-licious Movement, which aims to make vegetable dishes more appealing to children. Marian Rivera-Dantes, a well-known celebrity mom, headlined the festivities, demonstrating their family's favorite vegetable recipes in a special cooking demonstration.

Kazuki Kyoya and his family teams up with Aji-Ginisa®'s ambassador Marian Rivera-Dantes to champion healthy eating habits among Filipino children.

“Parents put a premium on their children’s health and nutrition, but feeding them veggies isn’t always an easy feat,” said Kazuki Kyoya. “Aji-Ginisa® can help them make their dishes more meaty and gisa, so their kids can learn to love vegetables and these healthy recipes can be part of their every meal.” 

“As a mom, I know mealtimes can be challenging. What I do is experiment in the kitchen and try lots of ways to prepare vegetable dishes that are nutritious and yummy,” said Marian. “Our goal is to make our kids try different recipes, so they can grow to enjoy and appreciate the healthy food we prepare.” 

Filipino children, welcomes a new Veggie-licious era with a pledge and red forks on their chest, embracing healthier meals made tastier with Aji-Ginisa. 

The kids from the audience went up on stage for the I Love Veggie-licious Pledge, which was led by Marian’s daughter Zia, and made their promise to love vegetables. Parents and their little ones can also join this pledge online by using the Pledge to I Love Veggie-licious filter on TikTok. For every 1,000 pledges, Ajinomoto commits to lead a feeding program for select beneficiaries nationwide.  

Attendees also had the opportunity to try making their own veggie-licious dishes during the event. As they sprinkle their Aji-Ginisa on their veggies, kids and parents also had fun in their stations by doing the Shake Shake Dance to the beat of the music to make their veggies veggie-licious. 

Ajinomoto is bringing the I Love Veggie-licious Movement nationwide, bringing the Aji-Ginisa® Veggie-licious Caravan to different schools to carry out taste tests, veg-ucation programs, and more. The Caravan will also roll out in key malls across the metro to introduce delicious veggie dishes kids will enjoy.

The I Love Veggie-licious Movement is a part of Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation’s commitment to nutrition that does not compromise taste, access, and the local way of life. The company is doing this by developing comprehensive programs with like-minded organizations, and providing new products and services that address health and nutrition issues. 

Know more about the Aji-Ginisa® I Love Veggie-licious Movement by visiting Cookmunity by Ajinomoto PH. 

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