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How Important Is Milk In A Growing Child’s Diet?

Milk is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, particularly high-quality protein and calcium.

Milk is a mom’s BFF. It is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, particularly high-quality protein and calcium. It plays an important role in bone and tooth health, as well as muscle-building and repair. It reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. It can even help enhance the body’s immunity!

A glass of milk is often deemed a whole meal because of all the healthful goodness it provides. But the benefits of drinking milk extend well beyond healthy bones and teeth. This is because cow's milk is chock full of 13 essential nutrients, including vitamin B12, riboflavin, niacin, potassium, pantothenic acid, phosphorus, vitamin A and D, zinc, iodine, and selenium.

But did you know that not all milk available on the market is actually healthy? In fact, many contain high amounts of sugars and preservatives. This I learned when I attended the launch of "Ang Natatagong Lakas ni Bulas Gatas" a story book by Elite Performance Nutrition Coach Jeaneth Aro.

The story is about a nutrient-packed milk named Bulas Gatas. Despite being the best and healthiest drink for children, Bulas is not the drink of choice of many. Instead, the kids and their parents prefer the sugary "milk-like" drinks in colorful packaging.

The book discusses why it is importance to choose the right milk for our kids. The cute illustrations help both kids and parents better understand the difference between real, nutritious milk from sugary, “milk-like” beverages. 

Coach Jeaneth said that it has always been her desire to give back to the sports community, that's why she pledged a percentage from the total sales to fund a Milk Feeding Program for young athletes.

Dairy Supports Our Kids’ Overall Wellness

Different age groups have different needs for their overall wellness. Below are information from the National Daily Council: 

Toddlers (12 -23 months) Supporting Growth and Development

After their first birthday, as babies transition from human milk or iron-fortified infant formula, milk, and other dairy food emerge as critically important sources of calories, and essential nutrients to fuel brain development and growth spurts. 

Within the ๏ฌrst 12 months, a baby’s brain doubles in size and triples to almost adult size by 36 months. To fuel this incredible expansion, the infant brain alone uses over 50% of consumed daily calories. Whole milk provides a concentrated source of calories and nutrients during this time.

Milk is considered one of the top food sources of several vitamins and minerals.

Preschoolers (2-5 years ) Nourishing Growing Kids

Leading health experts agree water and plain milk are the only recommended beverages for children 1-5 years old. Plant-based alternatives are not recommended due to their wide variability in nutrient content, limited evidence of bioavailability, and impact on diet quality and health outcomes. The exception would be unsweetened, fortified soy milk if a child is allergic to dairy milk or is in a family that has made specific dietary choices such as abstaining from animal products.

Dairy foods like low-fat or fat-free milk, yogurt, and cheese are fundamental to good nutrition. 

Milk, in particular, provides a powerful package of 13 essential nutrients. 

Grade Schoolers (6-12 years) Building Healthy Habits to Last a Lifetime

Elementary school years are filled with activity. To keep pace with a packed schedule, fuel learning and play, build bone mass and support unique developmental needs at this life stage, high-quality nutrition – like the nutrients provided by dairy foods – is especially important. However, dairy consumption starts to slip below-recommended levels before children start elementary school, with the gap widening as they enter school and become more independent.

This means school-aged children are at risk of under consuming three key nutrients that dairy foods provide: potassium, calcium, and vitamin D. Dairy’s calcium, vitamin D, protein, and phosphorus can help support bone mass, which may reduce the risk for osteoporosis later in life. Osteoporosis may seem a long way o for kids, but building bone density early in life is vitally important.

For those who are interested to purchase Coach Jeaneth’s book, please contact 09196767840. You can get your copy for only P250.00.

Real California Milk Philippines is one of the main event partners of the book launch. It is part of the global marketing network of the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB). Its mission is to let the world know about all the amazing dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt from the Golden State that are now available in our country.

California is the U.S.’ leading state in the production of milk, butter, ice cream, and other dairies. As the second largest cheese producer in the U.S., they make over 250 varieties and styles of yummy cheese. California dairy products are made only with 100% real California milk from real California dairy farms.

California Sunshine Milk is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by S&R Membership Shopping.

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  2. Importante talaga na may katuwang tayo sa pagpapalaki sa mga anak natin. Kaya ako lagi silang may gatas sa bahay, angkop sa edad nila ang ibinibigay ko para sa magandang development ng pangangatawan nila. Malakas at malusog, di sakitin at nagiging panatag ako sa pag inom nila ng gatas

  3. Importante talaga na makainom ang mga anak natin ng gatas na angkop sa kanialng edad upang makatulong sa kanilang growth development..para lagi silang malaks at matibay ang mga buto

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  5. ang galing may book launch pa sila para mas magkaroon tayo ng guide at knowledge about sa milk its true na hindi lahat ng gatas e tama sa mga anak natin. iba iba pa rin ang needs ng kids at nutrition ng mga anak natin most especially kung meron pla silang allergy sa gatas. kahit nga mismo tayong mga parents need ng gatas.