Monday, July 19, 2021

Want to Know Why Chickenjoy is the Pride and Joy of the Philippines?


Here’s why Chickenjoy is the Pride and Joy of the Philippines

Top Filipino stars – Pia Wurtzbach, Anne Curtis, and Aga Muhlach share why the Chickenjoy means so much to the world

Filipinos are well known and loved around the world. That much can’t be denied, as our culture and race have made a lot of notable contributions to the international scene. Whether it’s unbeatable creative talent, inventions that help shape our lives, or simply the tireless workforce that helps keep everything going, Filipinos have long been the source of wonderful things.

But out of all the contributions the Philippines has given the world, there’s nothing quite like Jollibee Chickenjoy. The best-tasting crispylicious, juicylicious fried chicken has become an iconic taste that brings so much joy to so many people not just at home, but all around the globe.

Jollibee’s new TV commercial highlights why Chickenjoy is becoming a world-class food icon. This new ad features three iconic Filipino household names—Pia Wurtzbach, Anne Curtis, and Aga Muhlach—each representing an aspect of Chickenjoy that makes it the pride of the Philippines.

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach represents the Joy of Filipino Pride, as Chickenjoy as a Philippine product is well-loved by both Filipinos and foreigners alike. Foreigners love it for its highly sought-after experience, while Filipinos abroad always look for it because it gives them a much-needed taste of home.

When I’m abroad, I always try to look for a Jollibee store so I can have Chickenjoy that reminds me of home no matter where I am. As a Filipino, I’m proud that many people around the world love Chickenjoy as much as we do,” said Pia.

Top star Anne Curtis represents the Joy of Famous Taste, as the crispylicious and juicylicious taste of Jollibee’s iconic fried chicken brings joy to everyone, everywhere. Anne Curtis is the perfect fit to represent the Chickenjoy’s famous taste, as the multi-talented actress—who’s won fame and recognition both locally and internationally—comes full circle as her own career began after she was serendipitously discovered eating and enjoying Chickenjoy at a Jollibee store as a balikbayan.

Anne’s enjoyment of the Chickenjoy is a testament to its world-famous, absolutely unique, and truly delicious taste, which is also why Jollibee is referred to as the “Home of the Famous Chickenjoy” outside the Philippines.

I’ve had many different fried chicken, but there’s really nothing that compares to the crispylicious and juicylicious Chickenjoy. I’m proud that a lot of people both in the Philippines and abroad agree that it’s undeniably great-tasting fried chicken,” said Anne.

Lastly, Philippine showbiz legend Aga Muhlach represents the Joy of Family Through the Years, as Chickenjoy has also played a huge part in bringing families together over the many decades. Chickenjoy serves as a great family bonding meal, allowing everyone to become closer over the best-tasting fried chicken.

I know first-hand the ability of Chickenjoy to bring families together, as my own family loves to bond over a bucket of Chickenjoy. I’m proud that it brings people closer together across the world,” said Aga.

There’s no mistaking the global impact of Chickenjoy, and we’re truly proud that we are able to create a homegrown product that the world can fall in love with. Our three ambassadors truly represent the best aspects of the Chickenjoy, and we are happy to tell the Chickenjoy’s story through them,” said Cathleen D. Capati, Jollibee Marketing - AVP for Bestsellers.

You can watch the new Chickenjoy commercial with Pia, Anne, and Aga here

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  1. All time favorite yan,Sa sarap ng jollibee chickenjoy walang hihindi dyan at aminin natin kahit araw arawin syang kainin hindi nakakasawa.Yong pagka crispy at juicylicious nya ito talaga yong ng aakit satin.Sa sobrang sarap mapaparami ang kain.The best talaga ang sarap ng jollibee chickenjoy.Ito talaga ang number 1 na chickenjoy for me.
    Nakakatuwa yong video grabe buong mundo na favorite at pinipilahan ang jollibee chickenjoy..Grabe ganon kasarap talaga .

  2. I agree that people are fond of eating Jollibee chickenjoy not just here in the Philippines but on abroad as well. We spend different occassion with Jollibee. Be it birthdays, holidays or a reward to oneself. My balikbayan family and relatives even bring chickenjoy back abroad as their pasalubong. It's the first thing that comes on their mind when they are spending vacation here. The mouthwatering juicylicious crispylicious chickenjoy! The fried chicken that makes the bond of every people even more special ❤️

  3. Masasabing pang World Class po talaga si Jolibee kase sa ating mga endorser na kilala locally at internationally eh nagrerepresent sa Jolibee a s World Class at talagang masarap.

  4. Very informative blog.ang sarap talaga ng chicken joy ng mga sikat pa ang mga nagpatotoo.

  5. Super favorite ng kids ko at ng pamilya ko dati pa man.super crispy at masarap
    At Super bongga ng model ng jolibbee
    Bagay lang talaga na makilala ito sa buong bansa..
    Kaya di kami magsasawa na sumupota sa jolibbee

  6. Tastiest and delicious.
    They got the perfect endorser here
    Celebrities whom we loved .