Friday, March 22, 2019

Women, love yourselves more!

Renowned psychoneurologist and happiness doctor Lia Bernardo enumerates five easy tips on how women can live a happier, unapologetic life.

You can’t love others if you don’t truly love yourself. This is something we've heard since we were little. But loving one's self doesn’t happen overnight.

Renowned psychoneurologist and happiness doctor Lia Bernardo says that self-love is a daily process of accepting yourself completely by living a genuine, unapologetic life. Here are some tips from Dr. Bernardo on how women can love themselves even more:

1. Break the cycle by starting within. You can’t tell people how to act but you can control how you think or feel about situations. It is better to see the bright side or to let go. Don’t give anyone the power over you – this is what true empowerment is.

2. Know that you are beautiful. See yourself as whole – complete. All you need to do is face the camera inwards and like who you are. For days when you need a confidence booster, check out SM's beauty section to get special deals on skincare and beauty bundles.

3. Be proactive. If you are sad, always remember that everything, including happiness, is your choice. Discover what makes you happy and take steps to incorporate them in your daily routine. Happiness is more about the journey, not the destination.

4. Take care of yourself. It is important to practice self-care in all aspects of your life -- physically, mentally, and emotionally. Indulge in self-care with the Women’s Special at SM this March and avail of beauty and wellness deals from select spas and salons.

5. Accept yourself. Once you’ve learned to accept and acknowledge who you really, are, all that self-doubt goes out the window. Take the time to get to know your individuality because whatever you think, you believe. Whatever you believe becomes your behavior. Revisit your belief, so you can improve your life today. 

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“With a little bit of self love, anyone can change their life. At SM, we want women to make themselves a priority by letting them indulge in various pampering activities so they can be the best version of themselves,” said SM Supermalls senior vice president Jonjon San Agustin.

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  1. Nagstart ako sa number 4... I thought of taking care of myself (na halos napabayaan ko na nung nagkababy ako) lately as a sign of selflove and selfworth.

  2. naniniwla tlga ako na Discover what makes you happy and take steps to incorporate them in your daily routine. Happiness is more about the journey,

  3. Accept my self .. Kung ano konat ano yung mga nag bago sakin simula nag kaanak ako halos Wala Ng ayos ayos Sa sarili Kasi mas kailangan Kong unahin palagi anak ko .. acceptance is the key .. tinaggap ko Kung ano lahat Ng bago sakin, sa katawan, itsura at sa lahat Kasi Iba dati nung dlaga ka kaysa ngayong may anak kna ..