Thursday, January 17, 2019

Why we shift from washable cloth to disposable diaper

When I became a mom, I used the traditional lampin or cloth diaper, later I switched to disposable diapers. Using cloth diapers became tedious, wash & wear, taking most of my time in the laundry when I could have been with my baby. Guess it was a family tradition (to use cloth diaper).

My mom, my niece Marianne
and my first born son when he was 1 yr old. 😍

I did try. All those diaper change, sometimes you just finished putting it on then the baby pees and gets you all surprised, wet diaper, wet bed or wet floor,  you clean not just the baby, but also the nearby areas. Waking up in the wee hours just to check if the baby is wet, or has icky poop, sleepless nights and days of the both of us, hassle. Less sleep means I can get clumsy and cloth diapers use diaper pins which can be dangerous for both me & my little one. Using cloth diapers has taken a toll, and I say enough. 

That's when we decided to shift to disaposable diapers. At first, we bought a "budget friendly" diaper. It's like we're still using washable cloth, very inconvenient. Until a friend recommends Pampers

Pampers is softer than those of other brands and fits better. Plus it's #LessPalitMasSulit. And we even used same diaper to my 2 other kids. Too sad, my kid with special needs is all grown up, I wish Pampers have diapers like XXXL. πŸ™‚

Until now, my friends and I trust only Pampers because of #LessLawlawMoreWow. We let our kids play around and have fun, no worries about leaks! :)


  1. Subok na talaga Pampers. From firstborn to our fifth, Pampers lang. Laking Tipid namin.

  2. Same here! I tried cloth diapering.. pero I cant really commit myself. Super hassle on my part.. lalo CS ako. Kaya ayun, nag stick ako sa Pampers.. since birth hanggang ngayon 13mos na si lo. Pants na L na ang gamit nya. Natry ko din bumili ng mas murang diaper nun pero nadisappoint ako sa sag and leak and rashes. Nakatipid nga ang bulsa ko, kawawa naman bum ng baby ko. So pampers na talaga kami kahit medyo maharlika, sulit naman.

  3. Ginamit din aq dti ng cloth diaper Mamsh or Lampin. Kc dahil Breastfeed sya Hindi sya gano Palaihi. Then nung nag 1 na sya Nag switch na kmi sa Diaper. Kc malakas syang mag water . I use din Pampers kc less law law talaga sya and matipid kc Hindi ka palit ng Palit.

  4. True less lawlaw more galaw pa si baby with pampers .. Trusted talaga sya

  5. True less lawlaw more galaw pa si baby with pampers .. Trusted talaga sya

  6. hindi sya bulky at pwet friendly for my kids.

  7. mganda tlga sya kaso d kya ng budgwt e hheehehe pero nung una tinry ko sya mganda tlga d agad palit ng palit😍😍😍