Friday, April 7, 2017

Pilipinas FJ Summit 2017 will commence the Buhayani Festival this April

Philippine FJ Cruisers Club, Inc.

On April 29-30, the first Pilipinas FJ Summit will be held at the Jose Rizal Plaza in Calamba Laguna: organized by the Philippine FJ Cruisers Club, Inc. to kick off Buhayani Festival.

Philippine FJ Cruisers Club, inc members and their ever supportive wives

It is open to the public and will have something for everyone, even for non-FJ Cruiser owners. How cool is that? This will definitely be an event for the whole family. 

"Calamba City is the official venue of the Pilipinas FJ Summit. We are inviting all FJ Cruiser owners and enthusiasts to be part of this momentous event. This event kicks off Buhayani Festival, an annual festival in Calamba City to commemorate our National Hero, Dr. JOse Rizal, and to celebrate Calamba City's history and heroes, both historic and contemporary," shares Calamba City Mayor Timmy Chipeco.

What to expect during the summit? 

* There will be Off-road challenge. This exciting off-road course will test the prowess of the FJ Cruiser and its driver. It is designed by Dennis Javier of Jungle Base Firing Range amd 4X4 Center, popular to the 4X4 community for his trails in Tanay, Rizal. He will hold clinics on safe and responsible off-roading. He will also be on hand to give tips and pointers to challengers. The Off-road challenge will also open to other 4X4 vehicles. 

* Delegates can feast up close on over a hundred FJ Cruisers that will be displayed on the Summit Day. 

Atty. Numeriano Rodriguez, Jr., President of Philippine FJ Cruisers Clu

"The main attractionof the Summit will be the convergence of as many FJ Cruisers that can be accommodated in the 4-hectare Summit grounds. If the FJ Cruiser is a reflection of the personality or lifestyle ot its owner, be prepared to encounter as many permutations of the FJ Cruiser as there will be Summit delegates," shares Atty. Numeriano Rodriguez,Jr. , Philippine FJ Cruisers Club President

* Summit Delegates will have the opportunity to meet and befriend fellow FJ Cruiser owners and enthusiasts from all over the country.

* It will be a whole day of fun and fellowship that will culminate with a Pilipinas FJ Summit party in the evening.

* Delegates can exchange and share notes with new FJ friends; ask questions, technical or otherwise, about their FJ Cruiser, their upgrades and modifications, their experiences and about certain brands or parts, plus tgeir ofd -road adventures.

* Delegates can also avail of big discounts from major suppliers and distributors of the best after -market parts and accessories for your FJ Cruiser. They will be there to make every delegate's dreams come true and with big discounts.

Parts of the proceeds from the Pilipinas FJ Summit will be donated to the various socio-civic projects of the Philippine FJ Cruisers Club. 

For more information, please contact 09178636375 or 0917 6284431, . follow them on Facebook and Instagram. 

For inquiries about sponsorships or exhibitor booths, you can contact Phil Abad at 0917 5300818. 

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