Friday, October 28, 2016

Ozamis is Ready for you...Discover Ozamiz!

In line with the tourism development plan of the city, Ozamiz is now ready for all visitors joining the Familiarization Tour this coming October 28 and 29, 2016.

This is the 1st Familiarization Tour that the City Tourism Office in partnership of the city government is hosting.  The event is entitled: “Discover Ozamiz; The Cultural, Historical and Pilgrimage Site of Misamis Occidental”;  a 2-day event wherein the visitors are to be treated to a visual and taste experience that is truly Ozamiz in soul.   
Cotta Shrine
Lala's Eco-park

Longest Zipline in Asia

Hoyohoy Highland Adventure Park

Pipe Organ of Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral

Come and visit the shrine that was acknowledged by Pope Francis as truly miraculous during his Philippine visit.  Experience swimming in a spring sourced pool.  Zoom along the recognized longest zipline in Asia located at the Hoyohoy Highland Adventure Park.  See the beauty of Lala’s eco-park and the path to Cobra Falls.  Come and see the different churches of the city and hear the majestic pipe organ of the Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral.

Tabon Tabon

Taste the soft torta of Ozamiz.  Enjoy the flavor of laya, a known fish in the area of city.  Taste the rich sour flavor of tabon-tabon as used in some dishes here in Ozamiz.  Enjoy ramona with your tsokolate and kape.   Love the crunch of kiping topped with latik sauce  and the barbecued saba brushed with margarine and sprinkled with sugar.

This event is to be graced by the Assistant Secretary of Tourism,  Frederick Alegre.  With him are various media practitioners such as Business Mirror, Grid Magazine, Cook Magazine, Philippine Graphic and others.  All of them shall enjoy the beauty of the place as planned and coordinated by The  Big Difference Communications, a PR, Marketing and Events team, in coordination with the Tourism Office of Ozamiz and the City Government.  This would be a fun-filled event of gastronomic proportions and Mother Nature’s allure.

Along with all those mentioned above is the unveiling of the future tourism image of the city as planned by Mr. Jaime Tomada, City Tourism Officer of Ozamiz.  He, along with the other people behind this event, has personally chosen the places to visit to show as to why Ozamiz is a cultural, historical and pilgrimage site of Misamis Occidental.  The food shall be catered by no other than Johann’s Cuisine, a business that will bring forth an activity center, a new bike center café and a bigger and better home for Johann’s Catering.  Mr. Johann Dagandara, owner of Johann’s Cuisine, shall prepare dishes that may sound common but truly taste different because of the local ingredients that he plans to use.  He also prepared a treat that shall also be revealed to the public during dinner time.  

Ms. Jennifer Catherine Burwell, head of The Big Difference Communications, has truly made the coordination along with her team to make both days run smoothly as planned.  Coordination with the invited guests was made possible by her team along with the set-up and designs on some locations to truly make things memorable and note-worthy.  

The Big Difference Communications is a PR, Marketing and Events team that is geared to truly make a difference in the way of doing things but delivering what is needed and desired.  Truly making a difference is her trademark.

See the unknown beauty of Ozamiz in this 2-days event!  Experience the start of the New Ozamiz this 2016.  Be part of the planned changes and development in the months to come.  Witness the unfolding of its beauty and be part of its history.  Ozamiz is truly #Awezamiz!   

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