Saturday, September 3, 2016

Care for your hair ! Go natural with Vaniderm Gugo and Aloe Vera Shampoo with VCO

Thinning hair? Falling hair? Dry scalp?  Fret not! Vaniderm has got you covered.

Were you born and raised in the era where our elders would use aloe vera and gugo to help thicken hair, make it shiny and smooth? I am! Maybe the reason why I also have thick hair when I was small. I can still remember my mom would pick up aloe vera in our relative's yard to use on us (my sibs and I).

In this day and age that even our #1 trusted shampoo for our kids is not safe, I always make sure that the products I use for my family is all natural. Lately, I was given this product by a friend as a token. Upon knowing the ingredients, I used it or rather my family started using it. The more it made our bonding time in the bathroom fun and relaxed. We love the smell of the shampoo as if we are in a spa while taking a bath - very calming.

I took a photo of my mom's hair as some part is thinning. She has also started using Vaniderm .

Will update this post as we continue to use the product.

Ingredients : 

Virgin Coco Oil, Gugo, Aloe Vera, Hibiscus, Banana Extracts and saponified VCO Liquid wash soap.

Vaniderm Gugo and Aloe Vera Shampoo with VCO is an all- natural shampoo formulated to help thicken hair, prevents premature hair loss and make the scalp healthy.

GUGO EXTRACT promotes hair growth and prevent premature hair fall. Also makes hair darker and shinier.

VIRGIN COCONUT OIL provides the natural protection to your scalp and serves as the hair conditioner.

ALOE VERA revitalizes and strengthens hair thus promoting hair growth and prevent split ends.
Our almost empty bottle of Vaniderm shampoo üüü 

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