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Back Alley : Rediscover Old School

Cut, shave, massage are some of the services why boys and men go to barber shops or salon.

I was blessed enough again to win in 103.5 KLite's Father's day promo. Aside from the luscious Black Luxe Collection of Belgian Chocolate from Island Rose, there's also a pampering package at Back Alley for Mr. MITM.

The Back Alley Barbershop offers a return to quality grooming and gentlemen's services. They bring back old school rituals using cutting edge tools complemented with amazing products. They don't do shortcuts or fluff it up with fancy.They admire simplicity, quality, skills and hard work. Their talented and equipped barbers have you covered with the basics: a smart, slick haircut, a smooth, clean shave and a solid traditional massage.
Photo from Back Alley's Social media ccount

Let me tell you first how simple Mr. MITM is. He could just go to any barbershop on the street corner to have his hair cut. No arte, whatsoever. Before this day, he kept on telling me that he'll have his hair cut na coz it's long and not pleasant to look at. I would always say NO because I want to surprise him. (Sorry, I know somehow you got irritated. Hehe.)

The whole time he was sitted in the barber chair, I was keenly observing him and Mr. Anjie (barber) . I can see in his face and eyes the euphoric feel when the barber started to massage his head to his back after the hair cut. He really deserves that kind of pampering for all he has done and still doing for our family.
Mr. MITM and Mr. Anjie the barber

What I like about Back Alley, they play music depending on the request of the client. From old school to today's hits. That time, their clients are all of the same age that's why the music is today's genre.
Photo from Back Alley's Social Media Account

After everything's done, when I saw him.. Wow! OMG. I think I'm inlove with him only! I've never seen him that groovy after every haircut from his fave barbershop. He looks like a better man. More relaxed and rejuvenated.
Isn't he adorable? Kudos to Mr. Anjie for a job well done!

After each service, a hand-brewed coffee or craft ale awaits every customer. He doesn't drink coffee, so he got the craft ale, which according to him has a smooth taste and no after taste or smell like our local beer. That's why I think he has found a new buddy. ;)

His new found buddy -Blue moon

 When asked about his experience...

"coolness! i could not remember the last time i actually enjoyed having a haircut! in the usual barbershop, it was all just sit-get the haircut done-finish. i won't be forgetting my trip to back alley, cuz it was pure awesomeness. i actually smiled at my new hair do. be definitely goin back there soon. place feels like im right at home! refreshing experience!" - Mr. MITM 

Oh well, after that, the rest is history. Lol. No, he hugged and kissed me and thanked me for the experience. (Is it the Blue Moon's effect?! I hope not!) I'm grateful I joined 103.5 KLite's contest and won, coz I made my man the happiest that day.

With Back Alley, it's not just a haircut, it's an experience. Every detail makes a difference. And they also believe that great things never go out of style.

Yes! That's me! :)

If you have a companion, he/she can read while waiting. Guess which book I picked?! None. Coz my attention is on my man and the barber. Hehe

This is how jam-packed the shop is during peak day, that's why you have to book ahead. Even asked one of the customers there if it's also their first time. They frequent Back Alley, him and his 2 sons. The people keep coming back because of their service. 

GF Alpha Salcedo Bldg. 
Bautista cor Sanchez St. 
Salcedo Village, Makati City 

website :
Instagram: @backalleybarbershop 
Mobile: +63 947 518 5736 

Select a service and BOOK NOW .

Why get a cut, when you can get CREATION.

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  1. Wow that's a really cool looking barber shop! Prices aren't as high as I expected too.