Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Exceptional Birthday Celebration at Chelsea Kitchen

Tinapa pizza, anyone?!

Me! Me! Me! Raising both hands and feet. LOL. I think this is what I commented on Justin Vawter's X Chelsea Kitchen blog giveaway, 'coz I was really intrigued with this tinapa pizza. In short, I got Mr. Vawter's heart and so I won! Yay!

I so love tinapa ever since I was a kid, as stated on my previous post, I can eat like 5-7 cups of rice so long it's tinapa that's on the table. Believe it or not. But that's the truth. My mom and those closest to me know this. I am a tinapa monster. (with fish sauce and tomatoes as side dish..ahhh.. Heaven!)

 Tinapa is the Filipino term that usually refers to fish preserved through the process of smoking. It is a native delicacy in the Philippines and is often made from blackfin scad (Alepes melanoptera, known locally as galunggong), or from milkfish, which is locally known as bangus.

Since I want my picky eaters to be unfussy about food, we (Mr. MITM and I) decided to celebrate our unica hija's birthday at Chelsea Kitchen.

At first, I was a bit scared that my daughter won't eat the pizza since she's used to eat only at what "kids-food chain" offers. But to my surprise, she ate the pizza, not only one slice, but 2! Yes! She ate 2 slices of tinapa pizza. I'm so happy that she loves tinapa as much as I do.

Here's what we had. By the way, Chelsea Kitchen's food serving is good for sharing that made it very affordable and economical.

12" stone-fired Tinapa Pizza  P320
( tinapa cream, cherry tomatoes, and arugula) 

Creamy Bolognese P350
(spaghetti, topped with alfredo sauce and parmesan)

Chelsea's Birthday Cake P195
( a must try! It melts in your mouth)

The food is very good. All are freshly made. The menu offers variety of food.

Its cozy ambiance was great. Very relaxing and comfy maybe because we were seated at the couch. The staff are very accomodating, friendly and courteous.

'Twas indeed an exceptional birthday celebration!

With the happy birthday girl! ♥

Pak! Certified tinapa lovers !!! ♥

Again, thank you to Mr. Justin Vawter and Chelsea Kitchen for this astonishing experience.

"Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know"


Chelsea kitchen is located at the Ground floor, Mega Fashion Hall, Sm Megamall, Mandaluyong City. Visit their Facebook page or log on to www.raintreerestaurants.com to learn about their restaurant brands.

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