Saturday, September 5, 2020

Distance Learning, Are we ready?

Experts and education officials say that learning must not stop and must only evolve. 

Prepared with TANG: Get ready for Distance Learning

Some schools have already started classes while some will be starting in October following the government’s recent announcement. No matter when classes will start, there is no denying that being cast into these uncertain times because of COVID-19 has caused an undue amount of pressure on the parents who now need to act as surrogate teachers, and caused stress for the students who cannot see or study with their classmates. Adding to that is the concern of how effective they will be as co-educators at home, playing a more active role in their children’s education. 

Am I ready? Are my kids ready? I really don't know but I must admit with my current health conditions I'm really scared since I've been seeing my friends' social media posts that they are having a hard time. But there's nothing we can do, we need to start accepting that this is the new normal. 

TANG recognizes these struggles, that's why they recently launched Prepared with TANG: Get ready for Distance Learning in partnership with With the help of, the largest online platform empowering Filipino youth from education to career, the live session of Prepared with TANG: Get ready for Distance Learning was held to equip moms with actionable insights and tips on distance learning with the help of homeschooling and industry experts.

Good thing that I attended TANG's live stream with homeschool advocates Tina Rodriguez and Mikaela Martinez, and guest speaker Ian Sta. Maria to see how you can make distance learning effective and refreshing for your kids. 

Here are my essential takeaways: 

1. Set up a designated study area

Students have their own desks in school, and in recreating a similar setup, they should also have their own study area at home. Space should be conducive to learning-- well-lit and ventilated, clean and organized. If possible, school supplies should be within reach. Try setting them up in organizing shelves, drawers, or bins labeled accordingly. 

2. Set and follow a schedule complete with break times

Students are accustomed to a schedule when it comes to attending classes. Setting up a schedule even when studying at home helps condition their mind and body to the task ahead. This also helps develop discipline by sticking to a schedule and finishing work within a given period.

3. Make time for physical activities

Physical exercise is important since it helps keep children healthy and primed for learning. Just like in school, incorporate this in your child’s schedule and try to diversify the activities-- it can be in the form of dance, sports, or just pure exercise. 

4. Get creative

The distance learning setup is a great time to explore more extracurricular activities since there is no limit as opposed to a regular school setup. This is where moms can get creative in introducing different activities to their kids. To start on their creative journey, it is best to have art supplies nearby such as crayons, colored pens, and paper. It’s a refreshing activity that stimulates the imagination of kids. There’s no right or wrong so just let them explore and have fun!

5. Prepare fun merienda breaks

Break time is every student’s favorite subject. It’s an important part of the day because it allows kids to recharge. The key is to give them their favorite snacks and pair it with a glass of TANG! TANG is made up of 100% Vitamin C and real fruit which is perfect for a quick refreshing break. To make it more exciting, moms can spruce the merienda menu with special treats when kids do well in their classes and mix it with healthy food like fruits. Add in a game or two to double up the fun!

Distance learning is a unique experience for each and every mom and child pairing. There will be struggles to get the groove, but the fun lies in how it is a more personalized and engaging experience. TANG, in partnership with, is here to keep moms company on their distance learning journey. 

For moms who missed out on the live session of Prepared with TANG: Get ready for Distance Learning, you can still check it out here:

And for more tips and insights to make distance learning more fun and exciting with TANG, visit

Prepared with TANG: Get ready for Distance Learning


  1. Wow, Thank you Mommy for this helpful tips. Yes mommy, I totally agree to what you've said. Mahirap po mag adjust ngayon school year pero we need to be more patient, compassionate and creative sa homeschooling ng ating mga kids. Kelangan maging comfortable sila sa kanilang study area. And dapat din meron silang mga activities na mag eenjoy sila. Of course, dpat may snacks din Para Lalo sila ganahan sa pag aaral. Just like in school they also have breaktime. Prepare some snacks na gusto po nila at mag eenjoy sila. And perfect po tlaga Tang juices Para ma-refresh po sila.😊 We need to support our kids no matter what happen.😊

  2. Dapat talaga maging mas creative tayong mga mommy pagdating sa Distance Learning, para sating mga kids dahil maski sila naninibago pa sa set up ng schooling ngayon.Iba pa rin syempre ang normal schooling na nakasanayan na nila, Syempre para ganahan sila bigyan natin sila ng merienda na sure tayong gaganahan silang mag aral. Kami ng mga anak ko Tang Orange flavor ang favorite.