Friday, October 28, 2022

My Kwentong Iponaryo : Saving habits and tips

The greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories. ~ Og Mandino

As parents, we would like to fill our kids with happy memories. That's why we make sure that at least once a year we go on a vacation. 

Our family loves to go out to eat and explore. That's a good reason to save up. Just like when we went out of town last April 2022, we stayed at Baguio for 6 days. We saved up during the previous year, it was really easy because we were literally stuck at home. Though we have a habit to save up, you never know when you'll be needing the money. 

Sharing with you some of our strategies for saving up: 

1. Packing lunch for school and work. This will be a big way to save. There's nothing wrong with bringing your packed lunch with you to school or work. Aside from knowing that you have clean and safe food with you, you get to save a lot of money by doing this! 

2. We bring water wherever we go. Buying a small bottle of water could cost you about 15 to 20 pesos. We drink a lot of water. It's good for your health and it helps you save cash. 

3. Walking. If where we're going to is within walking distance, we'll walk instead of taking public transport. We could always use the exercise. 

4. Browsing supermarket shelves for discounted products. Looking for a sale, buy 1 take one, or 50% off promos? Who wouldn't? 

5. Lights off. We only keep 1 light on in the house at night. We also switched to an inverter aircon. Big savings. 

6. Meticulous when buying even the things that I need. I go where I can save the most. I tend to buy at thrift stores or a bazaar compared to stores at the mall. I get to save and at the same time, the stuff I get is unique, not mass-produced. 

7. Aside from having savings at the bank, I also have Cebuana Lhuillier Micro Savings. This is where I put our travel funds. It's very easy to open an account at Cebuana Lhuillier (CL). All you need to present is one (1) government-issued ID. 

Boracay, soon! 🙏🥰

CL is also very accessible with its 3,000 branches nationwide. What I like the most about CL Micro Savings is that there's NO MINIMUM BALANCE REQUIRED and NO DORMANCY PERIOD. I experienced this before at another bank - I had some money left with them, but I was not able to maintain their minimum balance plus it was dormant for more than a year, kaput, my cash was gone. This won't happen with CL Micro Savings. Another great feature of CL Microsavings is that our kids (7 years old and above) are qualified to open a savings account, which can be considered as a “kids savings” or “junior savings” account in banks.

All CL branches and Cebuana Lhuillier Banks are cash agents. No need to worry, whenever and wherever, Cebuana Lhuillier is there for your money needs. 

You can reach your ipon goals for your next getaway with your family by following our tipid tips or making your tipid habits, and with the help of CL Micro Savings. 

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