Saturday, April 22, 2017

Instant and inexpensive mother and daughter bonding

A mother plays a very important role in the life of a child which goes on as the child grows. Our typical day-to-day schedule leaves little time for heart-to-hearts. 


Since the opportunity for quality time seems to be few and far between these days, I try to make  as much one-on-one time as possible. There are tons of creative and fun ways to bond with your kids if you're feeling a little disconnected from them, or if you just want to strengthen your existing bond. So, turn off your cell phones and... connect with them! Disconnect to connect!

One day, Princess Y been making kulit while I was busy washing the dishes. So I thought to myself, instead of calling her attention to behave, why not have her experience what I was doing? She gets to help me out, and learn at the same time. Why not? I'm gonna be right beside her, and it's gonna be one of those unplanned bonding moments. Plus, I'm using Bubbleman, known to be safe,gentle on my little one's hands and it's easy to rinse.

Princess Y washed her Hello Kitty plates, spoon and fork and her Hello Kitty Cup which are all non-breakables (safety first), while I do the rest. She had this big smile, and clearly enjoyed every moment of it. Another happy daughter and child bonding made better with Bubbleman! 😊

Thank you Bubbleman! Before, it's how I got my busy teen wash the dishes, now it's how we made an instant and inexpensive mom and daughter bonding all because of you.

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